Frequently Asked Questions

Is WindPush available on any other platforms than iOS?

No, unfortunately WindPush is currently only available on iOS.

Does WindPush work world wide?

Yes, WindPush is working world wide and covers over 10 million locations.

I don't want to receive notifications during night. Is there a way avoid that?

WindPush sends notifications between 9am and 9pm so you won't be disturbed during night.

WindPush can't find my favorite spot! Is there a way to add a new spot?

WindPush covers millions of locations and is based on Geonames' database. To add a new spot, go to and locate the missing spot, then right click on it and select Ā«insert new name hereĀ», and fill out the form. It might take some time before WindPush recognizes the new spot (between one week and one month).